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Iori Yagami | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Iori Yagami (八(や)神(がみ) 庵(いおり)) is a character who made his first appearance in The King of Fighters '95. He is a central recurring character, and the initial enemy (and eventual rival) of Kyo Kusanagi. He is the heir to one of the three clans that sealed the legendary snake entity, Orochi, 1,800 years ago. His clan, formerly known as the Yasakani (八尺瓊 ...

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Iori Kitahara | Grand Blue Wiki | Fandom

Iori Kitahara (北原(きたはら) 伊(い)織(おり), Kitahara Iori? ) is the male protagonist and one of the major characters of the manga series Grand Blue. He is a first year Mechanical Engineering student at Izu University and the older brother of Shiori Kitahara. Iori is a blue-haired college student who sometimes receives remarks about being cute with a fairly muscular medium build ...

Iori Yagami | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Iori Yagami is a major antagonist from SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters video game series. He first appeared in The King of Fighters '95 as the leader of the Rivals Team. He is an iconic character of the series, and regularly appears on publicity material and merchandise.

Iori Yagami - Wikipedia

Iori Yagami (Japanese: 八神 庵, Hepburn: Yagami Iori) is a fictional character from SNK's The King of Fighters video game series. The character first appeared in The King of Fighters '95 as the leader of the Rivals Team, as the initial enemy and later rival of Kyo Kusanagi.

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Orochi Iori | SNK Wiki | Fandom

Orochi Iori (暴走(ぼうそう)庵(いおり), lit. Rampaging Iori), also named as Insane Iori with Blood of Orochi Under the Night of the Moon (ツキノヨルオロチノチニクルフイオリ), is Iori Yagami under the effects of the Riot of the Blood. He was first seen in The King of Fighters '96 in Iori's ending where he kills Mature and Vice. His first appearance as a ...

Iori Izumi | The English IDOLiSH7 Wiki | Fandom

Iori Izumi (和泉一織(いずみいおり)) is Mitsuki Izumi's younger brother who has a "cool" personality. His parents run a cake shop called “Fonte Chocolat”, and the interior is decorated cutely, which influences him to like cute things in the end. Iori carries a superior air but has proper manners, although he possesses a poisonous tongue. He likes to have things well-planned and ...

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Iori calls out for Dosetsu, who shows up immediately. He tells Dosetsu that he returns your feelings (before he tells you, poor man) and requests to hear any objections or suggestions. Dosetsu approves of the decision but shows slight concern for your social status compared to Iori's. Iori says he has cast off his status, and Dosetsu apologizes.

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Iori Hida (Cody Hida in English dub), a character from Digimon Adventure 02. Iori Yagami, an SNK character in the King of Fighters video games. Iori Minase, a character in the Japanese media franchise The Idolm@ster. Iori Nagase, a character from the anime/manga/light novel series Kokoro Connect. Iori Yoshizuki, one of the main characters from ...